White Orchid: Types of Orchids, How to Care, and 30+ Stunning Arrangements

One of the most passionate plants is the orchid. There are several types and hues to choose from for house or party decorations. However, amid so many lovely flowers, the white orchid is the most popular.

The white orchid is a symbol of beauty and sophistication. It evokes innocence, purity, unconditional love, and spirituality. Giving a white orchid bouquet to someone special is a heartfelt and long-lasting expression of affection.

There is a proper method to care for the natural white orchid and the other types available to buy and include in your home design, just like there is a proper way to care for any other plant. So, read on for our suggestions on all you need to know about the white orchid and be inspired by the lovely examples of décor we’ve chosen!

White orchid species

The orchid is a flower that comes in a variety of variants. Some are especially uncommon and sought after because of their unusual appearance. That is why we have chosen the five most well-known white orchid species for you to use in your design. Take a look!

Orchid phalaenopsis white

The white phalaenopsis orchid is distinguished by petals that resemble moth wings. This species is abundant in tropical climates, but it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight all of the time, making it a perfect flower for keeping indoors and in flats.

In ideal conditions, the white phalaenopsis orchid may live for three months. It normally blooms in the winter, although it might bloom twice or three times during the year.

Living room with white orchid – Via- Carro de Mola

White bamboo orchid

The white bamboo orchid, also known as Arundina, is a species notable for its prolific flowering and distinctive form.

The white bamboo orchid, unlike the phalaenopsis, likes direct light in ordinary life, although it may also tolerate partial shade provided humidity is maintained. It is advised that the white bamboo orchid be watered every day on hot days. When the weather is nice, alternate watering days. In addition, avoid overwatering in the cold, since too much water will damage your plant.

Vase with white bamboo orchid – Via: Pinterest

White heron orchid

If you’re searching for an exotic orchid, the white heron orchid is the one to go for. This flower, as the name suggests, has the form of a heron in flight.

Despite being the white orchid lover’s dream of consumption, the white heron orchid is on the verge of extinction. It is incredibly tough to cultivate at home.

Super Rare White Egret Orchid – Via: Ginger hill

White Vanda Orchid

Another orchid species widely renowned for its ease of growing and lovely flower petals is the white vanda orchid. Some are born with purple patches, which add to the flower’s allure.

When grown in optimal conditions, the white vanda orchid may bloom up to four times per year, with bloom durations ranging from 30 days to three months. To have gorgeous blooms all year, set your vase of white vanda orchids in areas with direct light only in the early morning and late afternoon. Take advantage of these two occasions to water the flowers on really hot days.

Use the white orchid to compose beautiful decorations – Via: The Design Chaser

Mini white orchid

The mini white orchid is an uncommon bloom as well. The size of the blooms can range between 5 mm and 5 cm depending on the species. Because it is delicate, you must exercise caution when placing the white small orchid vase. They are quite heat sensitive, so keep them out of the sun and wind.

Furthermore, water the small white orchid once a week (without overwatering) and fertilize the plants once a month. As a result, they are always stunning!

Mini white orchid for home decor – Via: Revista VD

Tip: This is the perfect natural white orchid arrangement for someone special. Choose a lovely vase to express your undying love!

How to Care for White Orchids

It is critical to understand everything there is to know about the white orchid and how to care for it so that its blossoms bloom beautifully all year. Don’t be deceived into thinking that you only need to know about watering; the position of the home, fertilizing, and trimming are all significant variables in keeping the white orchid pot looking great.

Coffee table decorated with white orchid – Via: Mara Ramos

So, have a look at our white orchid care advice below and follow the instructions using gardening equipment!

Optimum brightness

In general, the white orchid prefers early and late afternoon light, however it will perish in full sunshine. As a result, put it near to the wooden window to obtain adequate natural daylight.

If you discover that the vase with the white orchid is no longer appealing, switch placements until you find one that is.


As previously said, it is best to water your orchid based on the temperature. When it’s really hot, drink water every day. In moderate climates, alternating irrigation is good. In the winter, only water when the soil is dry.

It’s important to remember that watering is simply for moistening the soil, so don’t use too much.


The white orchid is a flower that grows best in warm, humid settings. As a result, you must purchase vases that are appropriate for the location in which you live.

Buy pots that retain moisture for a longer period of time if you live in a hot climate. Ceramic vases are the greatest alternatives for keeping your flower lovely in cold conditions.

White orchid substrates

Substrates aid in the blooming of white orchids, therefore apply nutrients and fertilize your blooms once a month.

Artificial white orchids may be used to decorate your house

Don’t have the time or patience to care for a vase filled with genuine white orchids? As a result, fake flowers are the finest option for you to adorn the surroundings without having to worry about the quantity of daily watering required or the optimum location to keep them looking lovely.

Nowadays, realistic fake white orchid bouquets are available. Simply select a gorgeous potted plant that complements your decor and let the artificial white orchid compliment the setting.

Sideboard decoration with white buffet – Via: Pinterest

It is worthwhile to decorate your house with a fake white orchid arrangement in the following areas:

  • Dining table centerpiece;
  • side table adjacent to sofas and armchairs;
  • sideboard or buffet;
  • house entry;
  • bathroom and toilet;
  • kitchen balcony

More stunning white orchid decoration ideas may be found here.

White orchid as a centerpiece – via: Style Curator
Decoration with white orchid and golden adam’s rib plant – Via: Constance Zahn
White orchid as a dining table centerpiece – Via: Building my clean house
White orchid with matching sofa in the living room – Via: Interiores Online
Vase with white orchid – Via: Pinterest
White orchid with modern golden vase – Via: Tendom
White orchid with vase in home decor – Via: Pinterest
White orchid in elegant wedding decor – via: Pinterest
Sophisticated white orchid flower – Via: Let’s receive
Sideboard decorated with white orchid arrangement – ​​Via: Pinterest
White orchid on mirrored side table – Via: Pinterest
White orchid to decorate a modern vasa – Via: Pinterest
White orchid in home decor – Via: Vale das Orquídeas
White orchid in modern vase for home decor – Via: Pinterest
White heron orchid – Via: Bang good
Room with white orchid – Via: In house design
Simple vase with white orchid – Via: Artililac
Living room decorated with white orchid vase – Via: Como Fazer em Casa
Delicate white orchid in the decoration – Via: Horchow
Detailed vase with white orchid – Via: Pinterest
Mirrored White Orchid Vase – Via: Pinterest
Modern dining room with white orchid vase – Via: Casa de Valentina

image sources

  • House with white orchid in the bathroom: Via: Marie Claire UK
  • Living room with white orchid – Via Carro de Mola: Via: Carro de Mola
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