Which is better for a mattress: Viscoelastic, latex or springs?

The quantity and quality of sleep are crucial in our existence. Choosing the right mattress, base, and pillow may make or break our quality of sleep. The perfect mattress should be neither too soft nor too hard, and it should be able to conform to the natural curves of the body. Even if a “wonder mattress” does not exist, there are plenty of mattresses on the market that are incredibly comfortable.

Latex mattresses

Spring mattresses have been the top sellers for many years and offer varied degrees of firmness based on the layers between the spring casing and the outside fabric, as well as the type of springs they contain. In this type of mattresses the most suggested will be those that mix springs with latex or viscoelastic, the springs should also be bagged, that is, each spring is situated in a separate bag.

Latex mattresses offer an outstanding adaptation, without losing the firmness essential for a comfortable rest, as they are non-deformable, are anti-allergic, dust resistant, are athermic adjusting to our body temperature and have a longer duration than spring mattresses. Even with soap or steam, latex mattresses may be cleaned. Latex responds to the body according to the mattress’ rest zones, which can range from a single separated lumbar sector to five or even seven autonomous rest sections. Latex may be obtained from natural or synthetic latex, and the amount of natural latex in the mattress dictates the quality and adaptability to the body. It is hoped that using a mix of natural and synthetic latex can lower the price.

The natural latex comes from the rubber tree, it is a wholly ecological substance and suitable for our health, its touch is natural and gentle. It lasts for a long time, on the order of 10 to 20 years, and is well-suited to the human body. The rubbery and stiff feel of synthetic latex is the result of laboratory chemical research. Its usual duration is 8 to 12 years. As for maintenance, being a mattress of synthetic origin, it does not need any particular care, merely the care of ventilation that required any form of mattress.

Viscoelastic mattresses

Viscoelastic mattresses, albeit a touch stiffer, are quite similar to latex mattresses in their qualities and capabilities. For individuals who dislike the hardness of spring beds and the softness of latex mattresses, this is the appropriate mattress for them. Intelligent memory, temperature sensitivity, and body adaptability give it a delightful weightlessness experience. Since the viscoelastic foam conforms to the shape of the user’s body, it reduces the likelihood of pressure points developing. It is a 100 percent synthetic material and design produced with advanced technology, it is a product highly suggested in the health sector for its therapeutic capabilities and to assure a decent rest for everyone in general. There are a slew of manufacturers offering mattresses with Viscoelastic layers linked to springs or a variety of high density foams under a variety of different names.



Water mattresses should only be used for enjoyment and should not be used for health reasons.

The properties that enable a good night’s sleep degrade over time, thus experts recommend changing your mattress every 10 years. The amount of time it takes to dry out a mattress varies, however, based on the amount of use and condition it is in.

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Which is better for a mattress: Viscoelastic, latex or springs?

The quantity and quality of sleep are crucial in our existence. Choosing the right mattress, base, and pillow may make or break our quality...

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