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Old paint peels off when I peel over it.

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Have you ever found yourself using the roller to remove both the old and fresh paint from a previously painted wall? If this has occurred to you, there is a very easy, cheap and effective method to solve it, I will explain how and with what. Fixative primer, or simply a water-based fixative, is a low-cost yet high-performance water-based solution.

4L, 12L, and 0.75L are the most common container sizes. However, while purchasing it, keep in mind that each liter of fixative requires 3 or 4 liters of water to be mixed in, resulting in 16 liters of paintable product from a 4 liter container.

Applying it is as simple as putting it on with a wool roller and then rinsing it off with some water. Because of the product’s tendency to drop and splash, it’s best to paper the area where it will be used before applying it.

The application procedure is straightforward; you don’t have to stretch or bend the paint in any unusual ways; simply wet the damaged area well before applying the coating.

Once dry the fixer, paint slowly so you will not lift extra paint.

Normally with one coat is enough, but if the wall is in extremely bad condition and you want to make sure, give two coats waiting between coats to dry, it does not take long, with only an hour is enough to provide the second layer.

Fortunately, because the product is clear, it won’t stain other walls that we don’t want to provide to and accidentally sprayed with water or rolled over them. Perhaps in the region where you have stained it shows a little more brightness or not at all, if you want to remove it with a moist cloth and given that the wall is covered with plastic paint, it is simply removed.

Many individuals make the blunder of painting with plastic paint without adding water, under the mistaken belief that the absence of water makes the paint better or that water alters the paint’s qualities. When the paint is excessively thick, we are much more likely to take away or peel the paint that is previously coated.

To the plastic paint it is required to add water, it is necessary to paint thoroughly and for its perfect treatment and in the first coat, we will add up to 30 percent of water for the amount of paint that there is.

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