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Kitchen Pendants Design Ideas: 70+ Models and Tips on How to Choose

Decoration with pendants for black and red American kitchen

Decoration with pendants for black and red American kitchen

If you’re tired of your kitchen’s style and want to transform it into a more modern space with a cozy and personalized feel, kitchen pendants can help you do just that while also creating a one-of-a-kind lighting project for your space.

Our goal here is to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your own kitchen decor using pendant lights, and we’ve done so by compiling a collection of kitchen pendant lighting photos, ideas, and reviews. So, check out our post until the end.


Pendant model for American kitchen with wooden frame

How to pick the right kitchen lighting fixtures

Everyone understands that using kitchen pendants is attractive, but not everyone understands how to select the best kitchen pendant for your environment and decorating style.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to choose kitchen pendants that will undoubtedly come in handy when you’re looking for a kitchen countertop pendant to transform the look of your space.

Gold pendant model for American kitchen

The number of pendants

One of the most common concerns when purchasing pendants for kitchen countertops is the number of pendants to purchase; after all, some people prefer to use only one or two pendants, while others prefer to purchase a larger number of pendants.

In fact, there is no set rule for determining the number of pendants for a kitchen; the key is to consider the size of your space as well as the style of pendant for kitchen countertop that you want to use.

So, if you’ve decided to use pendant lighting in your small kitchen, go for smaller pendant models to avoid visual clutter. However, if you choose a pendant model for an American kitchen with a larger design, the most interesting option is to choose only one pendant, creating a unique look without going overboard.


To choose the number of kitchen pendants it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the room and the pendant model – Photo Lustres Amandini

Pendant Model

The style of your kitchen’s decor and the furniture you’ve chosen will have a significant impact on the type of pendant light you choose for the space. This is because kitchen pendant lights often “talk” to one another.

Therefore, iron pendants with a bolder design are interesting in a simple and rustic kitchen, but models of pendants for kitchen wire style and so on are preferred in a minimalist kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen pendant models are super trendy

Easy to clean

When selecting decorative items for the kitchen, keep in mind that the accumulation of smoke and fat is common in this environment; therefore, kitchen pendants should be made of a material that is easy to clean.

As a result, choose pendant models for simple kitchens with few details, as they will require less cleaning maintenance, and remember to invest in a hood that will help to collect less fat and dust in your environment.

Choose kitchen pendant models that are easy to clean

Pendant height

As you may know, pendants for American kitchens, as well as other types of kitchens, are not close to the ceiling, which is why they provide such a lovely and individualized environment. However, while placing pendants in kitchens, it’s necessary to keep in mind that their height won’t obstruct the room’s circulation, the opening of kitchen cabinet doors, or interactions.

Kitchen pendants must not interfere with circulation in the environment or with peoples communication – Photo Lumiato

The pendant’s location

To determine where the kitchen pendant will be installed, you must first determine the type of your kitchen, which includes American kitchens, kitchens with tables, kitchens with islands, and kitchens with countertops, among others.

The most appropriate location for pendants for kitchen is on the countertop where meals are served, such as in a kitchen with gourmet island or an American kitchen, but nothing prevents pendants for kitchen from being installed on a kitchen cabinet with sink and still creating a super charming decor.

Simple decoration with pendants for a planned kitchen with bench and red stools – Photo Pinterest

Pendant Colors for kitchens


Colors for kitchen pendant lights
As you may be aware, there are numerous kinds of kitchen pendants available on the market, and one point on which many people are unsure when purchasing pendants is which color to select.

All you need to know is what sort of design you want to achieve to figure out which color is ideal. In a more clean atmosphere, the red pendant for kitchen, for example, stands out, and depending on the design, the red pendant for kitchen is also often used to compose a vintage decor and even to combine with other appliances in the same color, such as a mixer or fryer.

However, it is important to realize that the red pendant for kitchen does not necessarily have to be used in a neutral light-colored atmosphere; it also looks great in a black kitchen, navy blue, and even a more colorful and relaxed setting.


The black kitchen pendant is a model that never goes out of style – Photo Eu Capricho

Another popular kitchen pendant color is yellow, which, like red, is typically used in more neutral kitchens. However, we must emphasize that the yellow pendant for kitchen may be utilized in a more colorful décor as well; it all depends on common sense and knowing how to balance the environment correctly.

However, in addition to the colorful models, pendants for kitchens are also available in more modest and neutral forms, such as the pendant for black kitchen, which is popular in modern and industrial settings.

Aside from the pendant for black kitchen, there are additional variations in white, glass, metallic, and a variety of other colors.

Kitchen countertop pendant with different colors

Design ideas for kitchen pendant lighting

As you can see, choosing kitchen pendant lights requires careful consideration of a variety of factors in order to guarantee that the finished product is appealing, comfortable, and well-coordinated with the surrounding environment.

The pendant is an object that gives direct lighting, thus it should be put on a countertop in the kitchen, not in the circulation area. This is due to the fact that the pendant is both distracting and a source of direct light.

You should always keep in mind when choosing a pendant for your kitchen that no matter what color or style your surrounds are, you should always choose models that “speak” to the style of your surroundings, which will give charm and refinement to your décor without overburdening it.

Large pendant model for American kitchen

View our selection of additional kitchen pendant models.

Minimalist pendant model for kitchen countertop
The red pendant for the kitchen gains a lot of prominence in a clean environment
Decoration with pendants for black and red American kitchen
Clean decoration with yellow pendant for all white kitchen
Delicate model of yellow kitchen pendant with wooden worktop
The black kitchen pendant fits various decor styles
Minimalist decor with black kitchen pendant
Kitchen top pendant with green glass structure
Minimalist pendant model for modern American kitchen with wooden countertop
Modern decoration with pendant for all gray planned American kitchen
Rustic kitchen pendant decor with wooden table and several different chairs
Sophisticated and modern decoration with pendant for kitchen with black island with bold design
Kitchen with very light decor and white kitchen pendant
The yellow kitchen pendant can bring more light to the environment
Decoration with silver finish kitchen pendant
Some kitchen pendant models can bring a lot of elegance to the environment
Blue glass kitchen pendant models
The shade of rose gives a touch of femininity to the kitchen pendants
Simple decor with pendant lights for kitchen with wooden countertops
Kitchen pedestals that are made of glass bring lightness to the environment
Modern kitchen pendant design with large all white island
Pendant model for kitchen worktop
Decoration with minimalist kitchen pendant models with black island
Bold kitchen pendant design with white island
Pendants for clean American kitchen decorated with wooden countertops
Black and white kitchen pendant decoration
Black kitchen pendant on a simple and small countertop
Metal kitchen pendants give a lot of personality to the environment
Modern and sophisticated style kitchen countertop pendant
Pendant for kitchen countertop with clean decoration
The black kitchen pendant stands out in the clean environment
Metal kitchen pendant models
Decoration with kitchen pendant on the countertop with planned island with cooktop
Simple model of red pendant for American kitchen
Red kitchen pendant with all white decoration
Bold design of kitchen pendant with rustic decor
Modern decor with black pendant for kitchen countertop in neutral tones
Pendant for American kitchen in silver material
For a modern and minimalist decor these black kitchen pendant models are perfect
To create a more fun environment invest in kitchen pendants in different colors
Simple and beautiful pendant model for American kitchen
This minimalist pendant model for American kitchen is a trend in decoration
Pendant decoration for small American kitchen
The glass in the kitchen countertop pendant brings lightness to the decoration
Clean decoration with copper pendant for a planned kitchen with island – Photo Mikaelian Arquitetura
Clean decor with pendant lights for a small kitchen with wooden countertops – Photo Lustres Amandini
Decoration with pendants for round kitchen with rose gold finish – Photo Antônio Ferreira Junior and Mário Celso Bernardes
Kitchen pendant with island decorated with rustic stools and marble countertop with sink – Photo Hunker
Decoration with pendants for an all white planned kitchen – Photo Arquitetizze
Decoration with black kitchen pendants with metallic details – Photo Casa de Valentina
Delicate decoration with a pink model of kitchen pendant with wooden table integrated into the countertop – Photo Pinterest
Modern decor with pendant for gray planned kitchen – Photo ArchDaily
Simple decoration with pendants for a planned silver kitchen – Photo Priscila Boldrini
Bold pendant model for a planned kitchen with marble island – Photo Liliana Zenaro Interiores
Pendant model for planned kitchen with navy blue cabinets and marble island – Photo Nicole Franzen
Different model of round pendant for kitchen decorated with yellow table and blue chairs – Photo Karen Pedrosa
Large pendant model for kitchen with wooden island – Photo A1 Arquitetura
Modern model of pendant chandelier for planned kitchen with white round table – Photo Oliveira Arquitetura
Simple pendant model for planned kitchen – Photo Liliana Zenaro Interiores
White kitchen pendant gray and white – Photo Pinterest
Large pendant for kitchen decoration with white round table – Photo Tria Arquitetura
Here the kitchen pendant was used shorter so as not to interfere with the passage through the environment – ​​Photo Pinterest
Pendant for small and simple kitchen with wooden countertop – Photo ArchDaily
Pendant for a planned kitchen with gray cabinets and red table – Photo Renovatto Design Interiores
Round pedestals with gold accents to decorate a planned all white kitchen – Photo Behance
Pendants for small and simple American kitchen – Photo Revestindo a Casa
Choose kitchen pendant models that are easy to clean – Photo Behance
Pendants for a large kitchen decorated with a wooden table integrated into the island – Photo Tria Arquitetura
Pendants for a modern gourmet kitchen – Photo Rogerio Shinagawa and Eliana Corsini
Pendants for modern planned kitchen all gray – Photo Decoratorist
Pendants for a small and modern kitchen with custom furniture and transparent acrylic stools – Photo JV Arquitetura Interiores
Planned kitchen pendant with brown cabinets – Photo Romero Duarte Arquitetos
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