How to fix water leaks in a chimney or something similar

If we have a chimney on our roof that is giving us problems with leaks, and water is seeping in and wetting the roof and walls of our home, with a little rubber and fabric or mesh we can fix it easily. Here’s how:

We take a piece of cloth or mesh of small size, only to cover one side of the chimney. And we glue it with rubber. As we can see in the image below these lines. Once the first piece of fabric is glued, we cut another one and glue it following the first one we already put.

We will cut pieces until the entire perimeter of the chimney is completely covered, let dry and once dry we will give another coat of rubber to the entire chimney, covering everything well and emphasizing that there is no visible pore through which water can seep. Until it is more or less as we see in the image below these lines.

And that chimney will not give us any more problems. It could also be an antenna or a pipe, in this case, as an example I have put a smoke outlet in the images.

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