How to combine colors for painting

Intense colours

In many cases, we want to give our homes a unique look, so we turn to bold, bright colors. This is a good idea, but if we want the end result to be exactly what we want, we need to consider several factors. Otherwise, we risk ruining the room or place we’re trying to decorate by using bright colors incorrectly.

It’s important to keep in mind that a room shouldn’t have too many walls painted with the same bright hue or too many of them. It’s best to choose a bold hue on the wall and coordinate it with the room’s furnishings, such as cushions, couches, pillows, and chairs, if possible. We used the same or a similar hue on the other walls, but in a muted or ultra-muted tone.

One further consideration is the furniture where we plan to paint; if we already have it and can’t alter it, we’ll have to pick a color that matches our preferences as well as the existing furniture’s color scheme.

The location where we are going to put the strong color should be wide and brilliant, if the space is tiny, like rooms, it is suggested to use pastel tones.

Colors to chose: greens and blues induce calm, yellows provide brilliance and oranges and reds convey warmth.

Neutral colors:

Neutral colors include white, black, the complete range of grays, beige and certain creams.

These hues create beauty and harmony, and blend with practically all other colors.

White, black and gray are colors that if we know how to combine them correctly, we will achieve an elegant, modern and sophisticated room. When painting in black and white, it’s best to add a little gray to soften the contrast and give the room a more sophisticated, metallic appearance.

If you have a huge room you already know another approach to design it.

Soft colors:

White, off-white, egg, ivory, beige, some gray, some cream, and nearly all hues or pastel tints are included in the category of soft colors.

These colors are perfect for decorating small spaces such as bedrooms, producing a peaceful, comfortable and light mood, avoiding that the area feels smaller. Soft colors may also be employed to create a perfect harmony with strong or vivid hues.

This does not exclude the employment of these hues in other spaces than bedrooms, such as vast living rooms. On their own, these hues are stunning. A living room painted with egg-colored or off-white smooth plastic paint, creates an attractive aspect and promotes calm, and if we mix it nicely with our furniture adds a touch of good taste.

Learn more about colors and combinations.

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