Discover the meanings contained within each color.

A red, green, blue, yellow… they are not simply colors to paint, they are emotions, sentiments, moods, they represent our personality and each of them has a deeper significance than most people realize or think they know. If this is something you’re interested in, keep reading because we’re going to look at some of the most common color meanings.


As a result, the two extremes of intellectual ability are represented by the color blue: high intelligence and severe intellectual inadequacy.
It is the hue of the sun, of light, and it conveys or promotes activity, power, and arrogance.

In some of its tints, orange is a warm color that may excite the shy, shows passion, exaltation, assertiveness, and courage, and can be used as a calming color.
If used in tiny amounts and well-combined, it may add a dash of elegance to any room.

Blood, fire, vigor, revolution, joy, passion, and strength are all associated with the color red, as are distrust, rage, and cruelty.
It’s best not to use it on a big area because of how soon its high level of enthusiasm wears off.

Blue is a calming hue that has been linked to spiritual or introverted people. It’s a metaphor for wisdom, profound feelings, and repose. It’s the color of the sea, the sky, and the fantasies of our imagination.
When applied on big surfaces, it is a hue you may feel confident using.

It is the color of balance since it is made by the colors of emotion: blue (judgment and reason) and yellow (vitality and fire) therefore green is the product of perfect equilibrium.
As a result, it is often associated with such concepts as new life, a fresh start, and optimism.

White is the color that is most responsive to light. As the sum of all hues, it represents the totality. An expression of oneness, purity, and tranquility. Always a positive, affirming and pure shade of blue.

Gray is not a color, but the blend of two colors: black and white. Sadness, neutrality, and a mixture of delight and sorrow are all conveyed by this expression.

As far as emotions are concerned, black is the deepest hue. Color and light are not present in this state. Error, wickedness, and death are conveyed, yet beauty is also shown.


Colors associated with the feminine, such as pale pink, are known to induce feelings of well-being. Calming, kind, and affectionate, it is the perfect hue. Because “you see everything in pink,” its meaning is clear: innocence and the absence of all evil are all there when you say it. It’s a calming hue that encourages positivity and mellows the personality, making it more prone to kindness, stability, and tenderness.


As a result of the calm that comes from these colors (such as ecru or maize or beige), they may be good for youngsters who are very agitated or hyperactive.

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