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60+ Incredible Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Swimming Pool

Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even outdoor areas now include glass tiles as a finishing touch. They’re ideal for adding a special touch to any setting thanks to their long-lasting durability and vibrant appeal.

As a result, we’ve put together this piece, along with a slew of ideas for creative ways to use glass tiles into your design, as well as plenty of eye-catching examples. It’s worth a look!

Kitchen with wall with blue glass inserts left the environment more exclusive and clean – Photo Photo Juliana Pippi

What is a glass tile backsplash?

A common sort of coating used in bathrooms and kitchens is called Glass tile backsplash and is composed of small pieces that can be placed on a screen or on a sheet of paper that is then applied to the wall.

As seen in the image below, an environment covered with glass tiles can look like a mosaic, and can even be used to create stunning images to add a personal touch to the design.

It is even possible to create drawings on the wall using the glass inserts – Photo Brandon Barré

There are both positive and negative aspects to using glass tiles.
The beauty and variety of the glass tile coating has made it a popular choice for many homeowners, but before you make the investment, consider these pros and cons.

The glass insert can bring many benefits to the decorated environment – ​​Photo Kia Designs

Glass tiles have numerous advantages.

Glass tiles have a few drawbacks.

Make the glass inserts the highlight of the decoration of your environment – ​​Photo Oceanside Glasstile

Using glass tiles as a decor element

There are many different ways to incorporate glass tiles into your home, including on curved surfaces. For one thing, because it is resistant to heat and humidity, glass tiles have the advantage of being used both indoors and outdoors, which makes it superior to many other types of coatings, as the potential for cracks in tessellations is low.

The glass inserts in the bathroom are very common in the shower area – Photo Gislene Lopes

You should always keep in mind that a glass tile is a covering that should blend in with the rest of the surroundings, and since they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and forms, it is very simple to include them into diverse décor styles.


In the service and laundry area the inserts make the environment very pleasant – Photo Annual Design

Glass tiles are ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and swimming pools since they are extremely resistant to alkaline and acidic substances. This ensures that it retains an unparalleled shine, even when it is cleaned with powerful cleaning agents. Glass tiles have an edge over ceramic or porcelain tiles when it comes to exposure to these products.

Decoration with glass inserts for a planned kitchen with gray cabinets – Photo Monise Rosa Arquitetura

Humidity and mold growth are virtually eliminated if the wall where the glass tiles are installed is properly sealed. Glass tiles placed on the wall have a humidity absorption level of 0.05 percent, which is almost nil, compared to ceramics that absorb three times as much and even discolor as a result. There is no way for the mortar to penetrate the glass tile. It’s also a fantastic electrical and thermal insulator, making it a versatile material.

The hexagonal shaped bathroom glass insert gives a charming touch to the decor – Photo Estúdio AE Arquitetura

Kitchen tiles made of glass

Since the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house, it’s critical that the design incorporate both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Consider the overall design scheme of your kitchen before deciding on the glass tile to use.

The glass inserts can also be used to cover the floor and make the environment more charming – Photo Juliana Pippi

As far as color goes, red, yellow, and other vibrant glass tiles are acceptable investments for those who want to add a dash of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Below, you’ll see a kitchen with gold glass tessellations and a metallic finish that adds sophistication while also making the gray-painted cabinets look more modern.

Glass Tiles for the Bathroom

Glass tiles in the bathroom is a hot new design trend, since this type of finish can instantly transform a space into something more contemporary, classic, nostalgic, or even calming.

It is typical to employ glass tiles in the bathroom shower stall area, and it can be utilized in strips as well as the full area. Glass tiles can also be used in bathrooms in a variety of ways, including around the mirror, making artwork, and so on.

The hexagonal design of the bathroom glass tiles added an extra modern touch to the black and white decorating in the photo below, making the decor quite beautiful.

Exactly how much are glass tiles?
According to the model and color options, the price of glass tiles varies. It’s also important to keep in mind that the cost of the project depends on how many glass tiles you intend to use. Renovating a larger space will be more expensive because of the increased labor and materials needed.

The bathroom with glass insert is super charming when used in just a few areas like the recessed niche – Photo Pinosy
Bathroom decoration with brown glass inserts inside the shower area – Photo Ceramica Cielo Piatto Doccia
Bathroom with glass insert in the shower area in three colors – Photo MFSanches Interiores
Large bathroom decorated with wood like coating inside the shower and green glass inserts – Photo Laura Santos
Invest in the glass inserts on the bathroom mirror wall – Photo John Lum Architecture
Clean decoration with glass inserts for white and green bathroom – Photo Mosaico Vidros
Bathroom with glass inserts of different sizes – Photo Casa Perferies
Decoration with glass insert for blue and white bathroom – Photo Decor Snob
The glass inserts can be found in different colors and sizes – Photo Laura Santos Arquitetura Interiores
Decoration with glass countertops and adhesive glass tiles for the bathroom – Photo Patricia Zazoni
It is possible to use different models and colors of glass inserts in the same environment – ​​Photo Minha Casa
Green glass inserts for decorating a small and simple kitchen with glass countertops – Photo Tatiany Landim
Red glass inserts are great for adding a touch of color to environments with neutral decor – Photo Luni Arquitetura
Modern planned kitchen with glass inserts – Photo MFSanches Interiores
Adhesive glass tiles for simple black and white kitchen – Photo Construtora Dez
Simple kitchen decorated with white and blue glass inserts – Photo Rúbia Interiores
Glass tile for a clean bathroom decorated with blue tiles inside the shower – Photo Camila Tannous
Simple and clean decoration for the bathroom with strips of white and black glass inserts – Photo Natalia Pini
Glass tiles for planned kitchen with mirrored overhead cabinets – Photo Nosso AP1410
Bathroom decor with hexagonal glass insert and wooden countertop – Photo Archives
Decoration in neutral tones with glass inserts for the bathroom – Photo By Arq Design
Decoration for a white bathroom with white and gray glass inserts on the floor and wall inside the shower – Photo Érica Salgueiro
Bathroom with black and white glass inserts with simple decoration – Photo Juliana Conforto
Planned kitchen decorated in neutral colors with glass inserts – Photo Luciana Olesko
The purple glass inserts added a touch of color to the decoration of the small black and white bathroom – Photo Patrícia Azoni Arquitetura
Simple laundry room decorated with white cabinets and red adhesive glass inserts – Photo Deborah Basso
Simple bathroom decor with bathtub and blue glass inserts on the countertop – Photo Tracy Stone Aia
Simple decoration with glass tiles for the bathroom – Photo Thomas Barros
Sophisticated bathroom decor with glass inserts and red carpet – Photo Ideias Decor
Laundry room with integrated kitchen decorated with blue adhesive glass insert – Photo Sartori Design
Blue and white bathroom glass tile – Photo Ogawa Fisher Architects
Clean decoration with glass insert for white and green bathroom – Photo Deborah Basso Arquitetura
Glass tile for bathroom with bathtub – Photo Moon Design Build
Clean decoration for bathroom with glass insert inside the box with recessed niche – Photo MFSanches Interiores
Glass tile for all white bathroom with bathtub and glass shower – Photo Home By Avi
Green glass inserts for custom kitchens – Photo Construtora Dez
Yellow glass inserts for kitchen decoration with wooden cabinets and cooktop – Photo Anna Arquitetura
White glass tiles for a planned kitchen with black countertops and mirrored cabinets – Photo Monise Rosa Arquitetura
Hexagonal shaped glass inserts – Photo Maria Cristina Kreutz
All white bathroom glass tiles – Photo Assetproject
Glass tiles for the kitchen – Photo Construtora Dez
Choose bright colors for glass inserts to compose the decoration of modern kitchens with sober colors – Photo Pinosy
Glass tiles for kitchen with black fridge and wooden bench with modern chairs – Photo Pinterest
Decoration in neutral tones with glass tiles for the kitchen – Photo Arquitetura Archives
There are also models of glass inserts with different shapes – Photo Baneproject
Glass tiles for kitchen with neutral decor – Photo Pinterest
Glass inserts for black planned kitchen – Photo MFSanches Interiores
Glass inserts with a metallic finish are great for adding a modern touch to the decor – Photo Iara Kilaris
Glass tiles for kitchen mosaic with black countertop – Photo Apartamento Criativo
Bathroom with glass insert and wooden cabinet – Photo Fernanda Duarte Interiores
Red glass insert for modern black kitchen decoration – Photo Mise Arquitetura
Glass mosaic tiles in red and green for bathroom decoration with glass countertop and round basin – Photo Armond – Arquitetura Construção
Red mosaic glass tablet for kitchen decoration with glass table – Photo Érica Salgueiro
Decoration of a gourmet balcony with a glass insert for green mosaic and a glass barbecue – Photo Infinity Spaces
Blue mosaic pool glass tiles – Photo Pinterest
Glass tiles for a small swimming pool with ladder – Photo Revista Habitare
Glass tiles for a green swimming pool – Photo Casa Abril
Green pool glass tiles – Photo Pinterest
Blue pool glass tiles – Photo Pinterest






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