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50+ Creative Ways to Decorate your room using Niches

A home’s decor would be incomplete without the use of niches. Niche shelves are a type of shelf that can be used in a variety of settings, making them extremely versatile. The most common format is a rectangular box, but there are many other options.

By joining some niches you can create a nice composition as in this model of different
By joining some niches you can create a nice composition as in this model of different

For small spaces, the niche is ideal because it maximizes the use of vertical real estate, namely the walls, without interfering with traffic flow. This is a great option for those in need of organization, and it can be used in a variety of rooms, including the living room and the nursery. The use of vibrant niches, for example, helps to modernize and relax the space.

Discover niche models to use in your decoration

There are a plethora of niche models available, each with their own unique size, shape, and material. Home decor and department stores are great places to look for them. It may also be more cost effective to hire a joiner who can cut the wood to your exact specifications if the niche size is critical.

In small bathrooms you can place glass niches to enlarge the space

There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, including round, cubed, custom-designed, built into a wall, and even those with integrated lighting. If you join several niches together, you can create a composition on the wall to create a creative space with various types of decorative niches.

All of these things are possible with niches: a rack, a panel, a bedside table, a bookcase, or even a divider between rooms. Just use your imagination and know what your needs are to use niches in a practical and functional way.

Cubed type cement niche in a wooden clad wall

The market’s most popular model of decorative niche is the framed and open format. They’re popular for displaying books, plants, and other collectibles, as well as decorative items like clocks, miniature paintings, and other memorabilia.

It’s possible to find closed-door organizer niche models that are great for storing items you don’t want on display, and they’ll make any space you put them in look more tidy.


Closed niches are perfect to hide that little mess as in this fun and colorful model of decoration with niches for the bedroom

Bedroom niches are great for organizing and, of course, decorating. Below, you’ll see how a round-shaped room with a white shelf and niches has been transformed into a beautiful and playful space for children.

By the way, niches are a welcome addition to nursery and children’s rooms. Whether in more subdued models, white MDF or color, they enhance the atmosphere and, of course, help store toys, books and other items that are typical of these rooms.

The niches for childrens room can make the environment more cheerful and fun

Niche placement in the bedroom isn’t always dictated by how close they are to one another. Playing with the arrangement of the bedroom niches also ensures a more fun and light bedroom. This is true even for more “basic” models like white MDF.

Playing with niches in this way is not only appropriate for children’s and babies’ rooms, but also for other rooms, such as the living room. You can also use a shelf in conjunction with niches, whether they’re in cubes or other shapes.

White MDF bedroom niches arranged in a fun way to bring a creative touch to the environment

Another cool way to use niches for the bedroom is to embed them in the wall, as shown in the following image, where the niches for the bedroom blend in with the rest of the decor thanks to strong orange tones, just like the wardrobe and bedroom niches.

In most cases, the depth of a built-in niche is not very great. The depth, on the other hand, can be customized to meet your specific requirements. In addition to bedrooms, built-in niches can be used in other rooms as well, such as the living room.

The cube shaped bedroom niches can also be recessed into the wall to optimize space

The use of a bedroom niche as a nightstand is another excellent example of ingenuity. The bedside table made from bedroom niches can meet your space and organization needs because it is readily available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Bedroom niches can also be used as a nightstand to optimize your space

In a twin bedroom, niches are often inserted where the headboard would be. In addition to the double bedroom niches in the headboard area offering an added charm in the design, they also acquire decorative items and even lighting to make the environment more warm.



The niches for the double bedroom are commonly used just above the headboard giving sophistication and beauty to the decorated room

In rooms that contain a place for a home office, the usage of room niches is almost required. It’s true that niches in the bedroom, especially those with doors, can help you keep your messes neatly organized just like a shelf.


Rooms that also have a home office space need to receive bedroom niches to help keep the space more organized

Niche materials are highly variable. You can discover niches made of glass, white MDF or in different colors, stone, wood and even metals. Depending on the material and size, they might be expensive or inexpensive.

You may also build an organizing or ornamental niche by recycling an old drawer from a piece of furniture you no longer use. Plus, the drawer can be used as a niche on the wall without requiring any modification.

Decor inspirations with niches in different environments

This kind of object is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of a space while also serving a practical purpose. It makes things easier to find and serves as a reminder to keep things neat. You may employ niches in practically any room in a house . For ideas, check out this wonderful gallery:

Beautiful inspiration with a shallow recessed niche is a good option for small spaces
Built in niche in the box part is a great resource to take advantage of space
Bedroom niches with mirrors at the back give the feeling of spaciousness in the environment
Long niche with rounded edges is very modern
The bedroom niches can be transformed into a rack as in this example
Niche in the bedroom helps a lot when decorating
The bedroom niches installed in the panel are a good way to better use the resources and spaces of the bedroom
House shaped niches with LED lighting are beautiful in baby and childrens room decor
Bedroom niches built into the wall are perfect for optimizing space
Decoration with white niches for bedroom with purple wall
Beautiful and delicate decoration with wallpaper and niches for a girls room
Niche for single bedroom with neutral decor and niche matching the yellow furniture
Room with futuristic decor and recessed niche with lighting
Use niche in the bathroom to keep the organization
Living room with clean decor and white niches
Mirrored niches can visually enhance the environment
The niche is a good item to place decorative items
Living room with many colorful and wooden niches
Clean decoration for living room with built in niches
Model of niches for corner bedroom with modern design
Different and colorful models of niches for mens room are fun
Large and colorful bedroom niches that match the decor and are very playful
Neutral decor with niches for gray single bedroom
In meeting rooms and offices using niches is an excellent way to keep organized
This decoration with niches for the bedroom was beautiful and created a lot of space for organization thanks to the shelf made with a wooden niche
Bedroom niches that are already built into the wall are excellent for optimizing space
Here the bedroom niche has been transformed into a built in bookcase
Bookcase made with niches for bedroom with blue upholstered headboard
Super modern decor with burnt cement walls for bedroom with niche built into the wall
In this model the bedroom niches that were built into the wall gained a lot of prominence due to their color in contrast to the color of the wall
Model of niches for bedroom with built in lighting
In a room with a home office and the niche can be an essential item
Bedroom with home office and built in niche shelf
Clean decoration with room niches
Decoration of a clean room with a different model of niche on a desk
In this decoration the bedroom niches also became charming bedside tables
Model of niches for bedroom built into the wall
Decoration in shades of gray and yellow for bedroom with recesses built into the wall
Simple model of bedroom niches
Clean and minimalist decor with bedroom niches
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