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30+ Wooden Door Design Ideas and Which Type to Choose

Everywhere we go, doors are waiting to greet us. They are a constant in our daily life. In this piece, we’ll go over some of the various possibilities for wooden doors, as well as some helpful hints and information about them.

In order to install a door, you will need the following:

Wooden doors must be installed by qualified professionals because of the specialized handling and tools needed.

The elegant and different entrance door welcomes guests very well. Design by Patricia Kolanian.

Choosing the Right Wooden Door

You must first know if the door will be utilized indoors or outdoors, as there are a variety of factors to take into consideration.

With a wooden door that is going to be outside or used as an entryway, it’s best to go with a sturdy type because they’re more secure. As a result, solid wood doors are better at coping with adverse weather conditions, such as rain or harsh sunlight.

External wooden doors need to be stronger and more robust. Design by Margareth Salles.

When it comes to weather protection, solid doors win hands down over hollow ones every time. In residential complexes, they serve as directional signage for guests. These models can be decorated with friezes, embossed or recessed embellishments.

The solid wood door can be used in the entrance of apartments. Design by Cesar Valenccia.

If the wooden door is used indoors, however, it can be semi-hollow, with simply a honeycomb structure inside. They’re lighter and less resistant, but that won’t be a problem because bedroom or kitchen doors don’t need to be very sturdy or durable.

If you buy a wooden door from a store, be sure there are no traces of termites on it, because an infected door can spread the bugs throughout your home.


Doors on the inside of the house can be hollow lighter and less resistant. Design by Achilles Nicolas Kilaris.

Models of Wooden Doors

Glass, moldings, and other openings can be found on doors ranging from the classic to the most beautiful. Aside from the standard door, the shrimp and sliding models are highly popular since they reduce space and are appropriate for tiny spaces or places with limited circulation.

Because they have glass windows all around them, Mexican doors are a fantastic choice for closed condominiums or more isolated dwellings. Although attractive, if there is no separate entrance hall, this plan may compromise the privacy of the home.

Balcony doors, on the other hand, are designed for balconies and backyards and have two sliding leaves. A hardwood frame with spaces for transparent or sandblasted glass is typical.


Mexican wooden door models have small windows on the side and light up the entrance hall. Design by Bender Architecture.

Finally, the pivoting doors are the most popular, as they are stylish and have an unusual style of opening that does not require hinges. These doors are ideal for larger homes that require doors that are proportional to their dimensions.

In terms of finish, doors can be found painted, pre-painted, or completely unfinished, requiring you to cover them with paint or a specific varnish.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the correct wooden door, and you will discover the perfect wooden door for your home among the various finishes and styles.

A dream of many wooden pivoting doors are amazing. Design by FC Studio.
The retro wooden door is ideal for hipster environments. Design by Paulo de Camargo.
Wooden doors with embossed details are more sophisticated. Design by Camila Chalon.
The wooden sliding door is ideal for saving space in small spaces such as the closet. Design by Maria Helena Torres.
The wider sliding door contrasts with the colorful wallpaper. Design by Danielle David.
The wooden door can create a beautiful effect in the entrance hall of the house. Design by Oscar Mikail.
The small home office has a sliding wooden door optimizing space. Design by Hildebrand Silva Architecture.
Environments with different ports become more interesting. Design by Juliana Pippi.
The sliding wooden door in the double bedroom brings modernity and practicality. Design by Raduan Architecture.
The wooden sliding door is also able to bring elegance to the living room. Design by Archdesign Studio.
The sliding door optimizes the space of the small room. Project by Ana Paula Ozenda Fontes.
Its worth investing in details like the inserts on the wooden doors. Design by Karen Piscane.
Taller glass fronted doors match tall one piece facades. Design by Renata Matos.
The wooden door with glass is ideal for farms and country houses. Design by CALS Architects.
The white wooden door makes the entrance inviting. Project by Daiane Guerreiro.
Wooden pivoting doors can have different shapes and cuts. Design by Erica Salguero.
Dark wooden doors bring sophistication and refinement to the entrance of the house. Design by Leonice Alves.
Entrance to apartments may have solid wooden doors. Design by Amaury Jr.
Wooden doors can be painted in different colors to give the house a cool look. Design by AMC Architecture.
Doors with recesses look elegant in the entryway. Design by Patricia Kolanian.
Invest in handles and details on wooden doors to create a more beautiful effect in the entrance hall. Design by Celia Beatriz.
Wider wooden doors ensure a more sumptuous look for the entrance to the apartment. Design by Eduardo Raimondi.
Bedroom doors and other internal parts of the house can be semi hollow and lighter. Design by Caroline Yasmin Gonçalves.
Mexican doors at the entrance to the house can give a more welcoming effect.
Wooden pivoting doors give an impressive effect to the entrance hall. Design by Yamagata.
Wooden doors can have a continuation following their model giving the impression of being taller. Project by Olegário de Sá and Gilberto Cioni.
The wooden pivoting doors can be taken to the gourmet area. Design by FC Studio.
The sliding wooden door separates the closet from the double bedroom in a practical and beautiful way. Project by Leandra Saldanha.
Rustic wooden doors are ideal for country houses or gardens. Design by Roberto Migotto.
Double sliding doors painted in strong colors make a difference in environments. Design by Codecorar.
A wooden door with presence makes a difference in the decoration of environments. Design by Emerson Vaz.
The recessed wooden door is discreet and super different. Design by By Arquitetura.



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