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30 Stunning Glass Block Designs to Inspire Your Interior Design

Glass blocks are in high demand as structural and decorative elements because of their adaptability and their use as walls in spaces with few or no windows. Glass blocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In terms of style, the smooth and the wavy are the most popular options, as they let light to travel through without obstructing the view.

Glass blocks are able to take advantage of outdoor light
Glass blocks are able to take advantage of outdoor light

Because other types of opaque or solid walls can completely block the light, making the location darker, the primary advantage of glass blocks is the ability to take advantage of the light from other environments.

Apart from their usefulness, glass blocks can also be chosen for their aesthetic appeal, as they bring a layer of sophistication that is not present in standard glass or walls.


A detail that makes a difference in the bathroom. Design by Caio Pelisson

The cost of using glass blocks is a considerable drawback. Some models can cost as much as 20 times as much as a standard bay brick. Glass blocks should only be utilized in modest areas, such as a half wall or a transition from one room to the next, to keep the project from becoming too expensive.


Glass blocks are ideal for separating the environment from the bathroom.

Where to Use Glass Blocks

As a practical and decorative feature, this type of element can be employed in a variety of ways in the home.

They’re commonly found in kitchens to take advantage of the natural light that comes in from the laundry room window, which is very useful in smaller flats.


The environment is more beautiful with glass blocks

If you’re looking to inject some personality into your bathroom, consider using glass blocks. Water splashes from your shower will be kept off your bathroom floor with the help of these elements when employed as a half-door in your shower stall.

As a way to take advantage of the natural light found in other parts of the building, stairwells and hallways are excellent candidates for the installation of glass blocks.

It is interesting to make an area with glass blocks in the kitchen to take advantage of daylight.
The blocks can be used as a shower stall protecting them from water
Blocks can give an amazing effect to a runner. Design by MK27.
Detail of the glass blocks in a box with stones
Making a division with different details can make the bathroom more beautiful
The blocks can be colored matching the bathroom elements
Colored blocks can make a stylish wall
Flat blocks take advantage of the light and the outside view. Design by Maria Helena Torres.
Separating the kitchen from the laundry room using glass blocks is a way to beautify the environment. Design by Barbara Valente
Half block wall can be an economical option. Design by Maria Helena Torres
Curves made with blocks make rooms more interesting. Design by Leonardo Hermenegildo
The simple bathroom is made more complete with a glass protection with blocks
Glass blocks also look great outdoors
glass detail is able to make the bathroom modern
Glass laundry blocks are the right choice. Design by Solange Figueiredo.
Composing a window with blocks and a contrasting outline transforms the area of ​​​​the stairs.
Using colored blocks can make the area more interesting
The large shower goes very well with the glass block window
A full wall of glass blocks sets the tone for the colorful armchair area.
Making a circular wall can make the bathroom sumptuous and brighter.
The contemporary living room with glass block window is illuminated without losing privacy.
The living room is finished with glass blocks and a table with plants
Glass blocks look good in a dining room with pendants decorating it
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