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30+ Side Table Models & Ideas: Beauty and Functionality for Decoration

The side table, often known as a corner table, is a useful and attractive piece of furniture. It may be used to both provide a “pop” of color to a room and to help organize it.

Although not strictly necessary, a side table may be incredibly functional in addition to complimenting the design and adding an extra bit of charm. This supplementary furniture is compact and multipurpose, and we will provide you with invaluable advice on how to use it in your project!

Light yellow side table next to gray armchair. Urban Studio Project

Tips & Ideas on Decorating A Side Table

How to include a side table into your design

The living room is the main space where the side table is utilized. The side table for the living room is typically used next to the couches to fill an empty space and make the most of the space, but they are also extremely lovely when put next to the fireplace with an armchair.

The side table is typically not as low as a coffee table or as tall as a dining table. This height enables the living room side table to be utilized as an extra support for individuals who are sitting on the sofa, allowing them to place things they are using, such as drinks and remote controls.

Living room with wooden side table matching the coffee table. Code Decorating Project

Picture frames, candles, platters, and potted plants are just a few of the many decorative items that may be placed on the side table. The final result is an even more stunning and well-coordinated display.

There are also “kits” comprising two or three pieces of furniture that come with a side table. The heights of these side tables are always the same, although they vary. When not in use, they may be conveniently stored in a corner and then retrieved as needed to be put to good use as desired.

Living room with side tables of different sizes matching the rug. Project by Renata Romeiro

A lamp or lamp can be placed on the side table to improve the lighting in the reading area. A single or double bedroom corner table, commonly found next to a bed, can also be used in this manner.

Learn about various styles of side tables.

Side tables come in a variety of styles, as you’ve probably noticed. This type of side table is the most common and easy to locate. Various materials and colors are used to create it. Some common examples include: wood, glass, and metal.

Colored armchair with glass side table. Project by Joel Caetano Paes

One of the most common designs is the side table with a round glass top. There are numerous ways to incorporate this material into a room’s decor; it can be used to match any style of decor, from the most ornate to the most contemporary.

The square side table is a more contemporary design. It’s also available in a wide range of materials and colors, but one style that looks a lot like a nightstand is particularly popular. This square side table is made up of a cube with either wheels or feet attached to the bottom.

Single room with square side table. Open House Project

In addition to its top, this style of square side table provides additional support for objects, making it an excellent option for storing books, for example. It is an excellent alternative to a corner table for a bedroom.

Other designs of side tables exist, but these are the most popular. Consider the overall look of the room when selecting a side table’s color.

Red corner table next to armchair. Arch Design Project

It’s okay to have a brightly colored corner table in a more modern or informal setting. Wooden side tables, or ones in a more muted color, may be better suited to a more serious and monochromatic decor.

If your home’s decor is more subdued, a yellow corner table can still be a conversation starter. It would bring a splash of color and serenity to the space.

Living room with colorful side table in a sober room. Current Design Project

Here are 20 different styles of side tables to get you started

Living room with triple table. Project by Carla Felippi
Bedroom with double side table. Project by Renata Basques
White armchair with double round side table. Project by Marilia Veiga
Living room in neutral tones with a minimalist table. Inspirate Architecture Project
Living room with black side table in colorful room. Open House Project
Living room with different side tables next to the sofa. Oppas Project
Living room with round side tables of different designs next to the sofa. Project by Marilia Veiga
Another angle of the double side table. Mobile Move Project
Living room with double side table with different design. Mobile Move Project
Reading area with wooden side table. Decoration Project Decoration Online
Living room with marble topped table. Project by Rodrigo Fonseca
Living room with wooden side table with toothpick legs. Project by Danyela Correa
Living room with round glass side tables and leather benches. Bender Architecture Project
Living room with mirrored side tables. Roberto Migottos design
Living room with matching side tables. Project by Ana Luisa Previde
Living room with yellow table with wooden part with a more modern design. Caroline Guerras Project
Living room with yellow side table next to the beige sofa. Project by Joel Caetano Paes
Single room with small white table. Project by Zark Studio Lab
Double bedroom with black metal table. Red Square Architecture Project
Double room with wooden table with different design. A1 Architecture Project
Double bedroom with wooden side table. Project by Tres Arquitetura
Yellow side table in living room with wooden chair next to it. Open House Project
Yellow side table next to gray sofa. 2W Architecture Project
Bedroom with wooden side table. Buji project
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