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30+ Beautiful Hippie Room Design Ideas & Inspirations

The Hippie look is really popular right now. Often referred to as Boho or Bohemian, this style is known for its psychedelic hues, brilliant colors, and peace and love-inducing symbols. Whether you go all-out hippie or just print a few little accents, this look is sure to catch the eye of anyone trying to freshen up their home with a new and fresh take on the hippie aesthetic.

A clean decor is perfect for a childrens room
A clean decor is perfect for a childrens room

Even if you’re not a big fan of this key movement, it’s worth leaving your bedroom with this inspiration, which includes the lovely double bedroom as well as a variety of choices.
A wide variety of counterculture ornaments are included into this design, including geometric patterns, psychedelic prints, nature-themed accessories, and more.

A differentiated headboard can be the highlight of the room

The hippie bedroom’s goal is to create a peaceful and harmonious space that can be influenced by both a more upscale and more modern aesthetic. It’s all up to you what kind of print design you’d like to use.

A room with lots of pillows and comforters is very comfortable.

7 Tips for having a Hippie Bedroom

1- The so-called Panô, which has a mandala or other design reference, looks wonderful as a headboard or wall covering in a hippie-themed bedroom. A strand of “Fairy Lights” adds the perfect finishing touch. Each light dot on the string might be shaped like a flower or a leaf. This is a wonderful, affordable, and very DIY-style choice.

Assorted prints are a great way to make your room more hippy

2 – A more simple concept that conveys a hippie personality with a sense of spaciousness and lightness by keeping the wall in light colors while making the style clean, and compensating for the typical ornaments and decorative objects that are associated with the hippie movement (mobiles, clothes beds, among others).

Bedroom with a hippie chic style

3- A third option is to invest in an entire wall of bright sticky fabrics with mandalas, lots of colorful cushions, puffs, and icons of hippie culture. This option is both gorgeous and easy to maintain.

Golden elements can make the bedroom hippie chic

4- Hippie-themed comics and plates also help to set the mood in this decoration. Decorate your bedroom with posters, personalized images, music-related accessories, vinyl records and other brightly colored ornaments if you’re a fan of collages!

Headboard with various dream catchers is the charm of this hippie bedroom

Rustic accents can be used to create a hippy chic bedroom. They evoke a sense of closeness to nature, which was a hallmark of the hippie era. The beauty of the environment is enhanced by the use of natural materials like wood or a stone or brick wall. You may make your bedroom feel like a hammock by hanging a hammock there.

Hippie bedroom with neutral colors and a light style

Plants in the room also help to create a sense of closeness to the outside.

7- A hippie’s home decor would be incomplete without Dream Filters.

Hippie bedroom with pink bedspread

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of money to get started on your hippie bedroom. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are many of things you can make yourself or buy from specialty stores that you may use to decorate your home.

Hippie bedroom with repurposed wood furniture
If possible invest in a comfortable hammock to make your room more cozy.
Invest in plants and make your room well lit
It is imperative that you keep your room cozy and comfortable
Mandala fabric is a striking piece in hippie bedroom decor
Mandala quilt is one of the quickest ways to change the style of your bedroom
Mandala wallpaper can be applied easily
Montessori hippie bedroom can be a great choice for childrens bedrooms
Natural elements are perfect for decorating a hippie bedroom
Plants and ethnic prints perfectly match a hippie bedroom
Prints are most welcome in the hippie bedroom decor
Reuse wooden pieces stairs and cuttings to assemble your sustainable room.
Room with Buddhist elements can make the environment visually lighter
Stylish bedding with boho prints
The dream catcher and the blinkers are pieces that harmonize with the hippie style
The dream catcher is a perfect object for decorating a boho room
The important thing is to use creativity and get your hands dirty to assemble the room
The main tip is to make your room comfortable and in your own style
The use of plants and wooden furniture perfectly matches the hippie style
To make the room more neutral use light colors and natural elements
Use posters and vinyl records to decorate a hippie room
Use wooden crates to create your furniture and create sustainable decor
Using a flasher in a room makes the environment cooler
Using photos in bedroom decor is also a great option.
Wood is one of the devices that most defines a hippie bedroom
You can choose prints in pastel tones that look beautiful in a boho room
You can put fabric with a mandala to cover your bed
You can use futtons to create your bed in a hippie bedroom
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