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20+ Wall Fan Design Ideas and Inspirations for your Home or Office

Many people begin their hunt for a means of cooling down once the winter weather has passed and the hot weather has returned. In many cases, the cost or design of a home precludes the installation of a central air conditioner. As a result, rather than installing an air conditioner, most individuals choose to use a fan. A ceiling fan, a table or floor fan, a column fan, or a wall fan are all viable possibilities. The wall fan is the best option for smaller spaces.

Wall fan installed above the door covers the room and does not interfere with the decor. Pot project Marcelo Cohen
Wall fan installed above the door covers the room and does not interfere with the decor. Pot project Marcelo Cohen

Using a wall fan is also a good idea if your room has high ceilings. Installing a wall fan may be a good idea if the space has poor air circulation. In comparison to other types, a wall fan swings in the direction of your head, allowing it to provide greater airflow. However, depending on the wind speed, this fan’s surface area can be as large as 50 m².


The wall fan is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. Design by Bender Architecture

Before purchasing a wall fan, be sure to inquire about the fan’s wind power. There is a maximum wind range per m² for each model. A loud fan is a must if you intend to put one in your room, whether it’s mounted on the wall or not. The smallest of details can have a dramatic impact.

If at all feasible, choose for a model that coordinates with the rest of your home’s design. Models are available in a variety of colors, materials and styles in the market. The Inmetro quality seal should also be checked.


The wall fan in the bedroom should be quieter

It is important to consider the number of blades on the wall fan. The more blades, the better the air circulation in the room is going to be. Also, the performance might be affected by the blade angle. However, if the blades are numerous and the angle is large, the result will be increased noise and power consumption.


Wall fan with a modern design and copper coating

Choosing a location that encompasses a large portion of the surrounding area is essential. To find the ideal place, take your time and do your research. Because it involves tampering with the electrical wiring, we strongly advise that the installation be left to a professional electrician. Using a moist cloth and neutral soap to clean the wall fan is a straightforward process.

Wall fan with six blades is quite powerful
The wall fan is very common in gyms. Project by Ricardo Tramontina
The wall fan can be easily installed by an electrician
The wall fan outlet must be close
Locations with high ceilings require a wall fan to facilitate air circulation. Design by Bender Architecture
In places with poor ventilation the wall fan is indicated. Project by Marcelo Cohen
Wall fan with a different and modern design
Wall fan model with a contemporary design
Brown wall fan with a vintage style
Delta wall fan with four blades
Mondial wall fan with three blades
Black wall fan with three rounded blades
Cool orange fan perfect for a modern and relaxed environment
Yellow wall fan is a charm in any decor
Pink fan would look perfect in a beauty salon for example
Wall fan with remote control is a technological innovation
Retro fan with a clock is a graceful decorative item
retro wall fan can be beautiful a vintage environment
Lamp that imitates ceiling fan is very cool


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